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Ever taken a game to a new level by inventing new gameplay and rules? Well, that is essentially what German-based developed doPanic have done to the Rubik’s cube in their mobile, and now PC-available puzzle game, Cubetastic. Ok, so maybe it’s not the most creative name for a game. The puzzler is set on a Rubik’s cube with the goal of navigating a particle of light from its origin square to the destination square. You’ll have to rotate the cube to set up appropriate pathways in which to guide said light. Take a look at the trailer here, and you’ll see what this entails.

If the game interests you, you can download a demo version to sample several of the 150 levels the game provides. The full version is priced at $7.99.
Regensburg, May 4th. Innovative gameplay and a whole bunch of puzzles that will make your
brain work hard - that's what made Cubetastic an extraordinary success on Apple's App Store.
In just a few days, the game was sold over 100.000 times. Now, due to the high market
demand, the developers of doPanic have finally released the game for PC as well. It contains
more than 150 tricky levels and a lot of new features. But there is still the old Cubetastic-rule
which says: This game is probably the hardest and most challenging game you ever played in
your life. So you need to be really smart to solve all the puzzles in the game.

The gameplay is very simple: Every level puts you in a world of cubes made of different cells
and colours. On top of each cube there is a light, which you have to guide to the goal. Find a
path to the goal by turning and recombining the cells of the cube. That sounds simple? Well,
it is - at least at the beginning. However, with more than 150 different puzzles, you surely will
have to do a lot of puzzle-solving.

In order not to get players totally frustrated, the developers have put some features into the
game that will make it easier for every gamer to succeed: If you can't manage to solve a
certain level in Cubetastic, you can skip it and go on with the next puzzle. Furthermore, the
game contains a collection of tricks and hints which can be easily extended online by the
game's community. But to be honest: For a real gamer, it should be a no-go to make use of
any help, because Cubetastic is meant to unearth the truth: Which gamer is smart enough to
solve all the puzzles of probably the most challenging game of all times ...?  

• More than 150 levels with various challenges
• Intuitive controls and easy tutorials
• Two different game-modes (campaign & quick-game)
• Six different types of levels
• Community-based tricks and hints
• A lot of special-items

Download Cubetastic for USD 7.99 here:

Watch the game-trailer here:
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