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When I reviewed Pid last month, I noted that it could get pretty difficult; however, I honestly didn't believe that when it did get difficult it never became cheap - just super hard that required serious gaming chops to manage.  I hadn't really considered whether or not it needed an easy mode so that players of all skills could experience the game in all it delightful restraint, but Pid developers Might and Magic have and they've come to the conclusion that Pid gets an easy mode.  

Right now, the easy mode patch is only available for PC.  Also only available for PC is the new demo that better reflects the challenges found in the full game.

Finally, for those of you interested, Might and Magic would like to share this video of a Pid speed run.  So I guess you'll have proof that it can be beaten.  To learn more, visit www.pidgame.com.

    Might and Delight Updates its Tough Puzzle-Platformer With a Mode All Gamers Can Play on PC

Might and Delight is ready to introduce an easier way to play through its beautiful, challenging platfomer Pid with the all-new Easy Mode. Complementing the game’s Normal and Hard modes, Easy Mode paves the way with redesigned levels, much shorter boss fights, and less-crowded environments to aid in navigation.

Having listened to its critics and fans, Might and Delight made many of the adjustments to the game by using community feedback. In addition to the new Easy Mode, tweaks and adjustments to Normal Mode have evened out the play experience and lessened challenging difficulty spikes.

Might and Delight also has created a new playable demo to better represent Pid and its unique style of play. The demo is now available on PC for Steam and will be made available on other platfoms later this year.

Click on the video to watch Might & Delight speed run through Pid.

Check out the Website at www.pidgame.com

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