Puzzle Quest 2 plots a course - destination is XBLA and DS

by: Chad -
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D3Publisher's upcoming match-three video game has scored its own web site.  "Ding!"  Another level gained on the road to release.  Puzzle Quest 2 will be hitting XBLA and Nintendo DS this spring.  Take a moment to check out the newly launched site and prepare for more gem-studded casual gaming.

I wanted to share today’s news with you that the website for D3Publisher’s upcoming gem-studded match-3 video game, Puzzle Quest 2, has gone live! You can check out the newly launched Puzzle Quest 2 website here: http://www.puzzle-quest.com.

Coming out this spring, and named one of GamePro’s “Top Upcoming Sequels of 2010,” Puzzle Quest 2 combines trademark styling with an enhanced experience using new weapons, spells, and shields that always keep the player engaged in the deepest puzzle adventure yet.
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