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Pure is the upcoming off-road racing game from the folks at Disney Interactive studios that took a lot of people by surprise.  Blending a solid track system with phenomenal graphics the game looks to be a winner when it shelves on September 16th.

I've already posted some impressions from playing the game at E3 but I was able to get our hands on the demo disc that you can get when you pre-order the game (the demo will also be available on Xbox Live and PSN in September). 

The demo contains a tutorial level to introduce you to the basics of the game as well as one full level where you can race against 15 AI controlled racers. 

The more I played Pure the more I dug the trick system in the game.  The jump mechanics are simple in that you push down as you are going up the ramp and then push up to execute the jump.  After that it's all about the trick system which makes up the core of the game.

The central concept is that you have a thrill bar which you fill by pulling off tricks during jumps.  Tricks are pulled off by pressing the A, B, or Y button and pressing a direction with the left thumb button.  You start out with only being able to pull off basic (A) tricks to start with but as the meter goes up you unlock the intermediate (B) and advanced (Y) tricks.  If you max out the meter you unlock the ultimate moves which are pulled off using the two bumpers.  Your thrill meter goes down when you wreck or through boosting (X button). 

This requires you to manage your boost levels so you don't lose the higher trick levels just to pass someone.  This is important because you are still trying to win the race and while tricks are nice they don't mean squat if you're not the first one to cross the finish line.  It takes some getting used to but by my fourth time through the demo I was able to boost until just above the meter to pull off the tricks.  You also have to remember which tricks you pulled off last as the game penalizes you for pulling the same tricks off over and over again. 

The included map was very solid and you quickly learn where all the jumps are so that you can earn boost.  There are a lot of big hills as well as small ones where you can try to small amounts of boost.  Driving controls are solid for the most part and I didn't notice any major glitches in the game.  You do sometimes get stuck off the course on occasion without the system resetting you but that's more me "exploring" than anything else.  I think people are really going to be surprised how much fun the game is and for Xbox 360 owners it gives them something that looks as good as MotorStorm does on the PS3. 

One last tip for those who get the demo early, if you don't want to play through the tutorial level over and over again hit the reset button once you finish the race.  If you continue you go through the attract loop and have to play through the entire thing again.

Update (Chuck): Retail offers removed at the request of Disney.
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