Psygnosis is no longer

by: John -
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Psygnosis has a very special place in my heart. Being an owner of an Amiga 1000 system, they made some very memorable games. Shadow of the Best and Barbarian were two games I spent a ton of time playing. I remember how blown away I was with the graphics, coming from the Commodore 64.

Psygnosis, or Sony Liverpool as they were known, has been shut down. They started out in 1984 and were acquired by Sony in 1993. You've probably heard of Wipeout, which they produced for the Sony and was a release title for the European launch of the PSOne. 

Besides Wipeout, they were also known for Lemmings. While I wasn't a fan of the series, I know many people that really enjoy the puzzler.

It's rather sad to see this studio close down for me and I hope that the folks let go are able to latch on to some place else.

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