Psychonauts is now available for Mac with Steamworks support

by: Travis -
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Double Fine Productions has announced that Psychonauts is now available for both PC and Mac along with a game update that takes advantage of Steamworks achievements and cloud saving. Now is the perfect opportunity to experience for the first time or revisit the cult hit from the mind of Tim Schafer. The game follows the adventures of an upcoming Psycadet named Raz and his friends who embark on a adventure that features physic trips through brains in order to stop the evil Dr. Loboto.

Psychonauts is hands down one of my favorite games and will still on occasion return to for another play through its engrossing adventure. I highly recommend this game if you haven't had the chance to play it before or have been waiting for the right opportunity. Psychonauts is available on Steam with support for play on both PC and Mac.

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