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The US version of Project Sylpheed has gone gold and will be on stores July 10th for the low price of $39.99.  I really enjoyed my time with the game last month and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the game next month. Of course you don't have to take my word for it as Microsoft has released a demo of the game on Xbox Live today. 
The Terra Central Government (TCG) requests all willing and able pilots to strap in, power up and get ready for the launch of “Project Sylpheed.” The Xbox 360 exclusive “Project Sylpheed,” published by Microsoft and Square Enix, has gone gold and will start shipping to retailers on Tuesday, July 10. “Project Sylpheed” is rated “T” for Teen and will be available at the estimated retail price of $39.99.

Eager intergalactic aerial pilots will have the opportunity to hone their skills on the “Project Sylpheed” demo, which is available starting today on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The demo includes an entire mission with an expanded weapons arsenal as players will experience the frenetic space combat available in “Project Sylpheed,” in addition to a full tutorial level and in-game introduction trailer to familiarize them with the challenges ahead in the beautiful and expansive final game.

Developed by Game Arts, developers of the original “Silpheed,” and SETA Corporation, “Project Sylpheed” revitalizes the franchise from a side-scrolling arcade classic into a next-generation, intergalactic 3-D dogfight. Gamers will be immersed by the deep storyline of “Project Sylpheed,” assigned with saving the TCG from the brink of chaos, supported by beautifully orchestrated cinematic cut-scenes between extreme battles. Fully customizable starships and intense space combat provide gamers the experience of triumphing over insurmountable odds, against swarms of enemies and battleships hundreds of times the size of their starfighters.

Gamers who are prepared to engage in epic space combat can get more information at “Project Sylpheed’s” official Web site, which just launched today, at Additionally, the new trailer for “Project Sylpheed” is debuting on the site and Xbox LIVE Marketplace as well.

Help Katana Faraway save the TCG by recruiting others to join in the fight against the evil ADAN alliance online with the official “Project Sylpheed” Fan Site Kit, which is available for download at The Fan Site Kit includes artwork, skins, screenshots, forum avatars and more assets for webmasters to create their very own “Project Sylpheed” fan site.

The enemy is well-trained, well-equipped and highly motivated, the future of the Earth’s Solar System and the human race are dependent on “Project Sylpheed” enlistment.

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