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Today you can pick up Project Sylpheed from the stores if you're looking for a space dogfigting game. The demo's been out on Xbox Live Marketplace for a while and it wasn't bad from what I played of it. I know Chuck really liked the game when he was in Chicago checking it out at the MS event.
Starting today, the galaxy will be filled with all willing and able pilots with the release of “Project Sylpheed,” exclusively for the Xbox 360. Published by Microsoft and Square Enix, “Project Sylpheed” is rated “T” for Teen and will be available at retailers in North America at the estimated retail price of $39.99.

Developed by Game Arts, developers of the original “Silpheed,” and SETA Corporation, “Project Sylpheed” revitalizes the franchise from a side-scrolling arcade classic into a next-generation, intergalactic 3-D dogfight.

Gamers play as main character Katana Faraway in the immersive story line of “Project Sylpheed,” as they attempt to save the Terra Central Government (TCG) from the brink of chaos, against the evil ADAN alliance. “Project Sylpheed” features almost an hour of beautifully orchestrated cinematic cut-scenes between extreme battles where enemies can number in the thousands. Fully customizable starships and intense space combat provide gamers with the experience of triumphing over insurmountable odds, against swarms of enemies and battleships hundreds of times the size of their starfighters.

Eager intergalactic aerial pilots have the opportunity to hone their skills on the “Project Sylpheed” demo, which is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The demo includes an entire mission with an expanded weapons arsenal as players will experience the frenetic space combat available in “Project Sylpheed,” in addition to a full tutorial level and in-game introduction trailer to familiarize them with the challenges ahead in the beautiful and expansive final game.

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