Prepare to have faith in humanity destroyed in 3..2..1...

by: Nathaniel -
More On: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
According to the totally real website, (via,  the 2006 open-world RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion gave a Navy pilot a seizure (causing him to loose his flight status forever) and now he is suing developer Bethesda, their corporate overlords, Zenimax Media, and Sony (because he was playing it on a PS3).

Now we all know that videogames come with seizure warnings, and have for some time (the one for last year's shooter Vanquish is the best ever), so how does this guy get off filing a lawsuit when there were clear warnings?  Apparently it exceeded the upper acceptable limit of more than 3 flashes over a 1 second period, as well as the acceptable spatial pattern and luminance flash limit, those factors somehow makes it defective and dangerous, and no one told the plaintiff - even though every game comes with seizure warnings.  

I love that we live in a world were simply being warned of danger isn't enough, and that if even the slightest quirk of your own personal taste, biology, and/or genetics isn't specifically catered to, then you deserve to get paid.  I guess Bethesda should have done extensive genetic testing and research for every human in America and then tailored the game and its warning to each one's specific needs.  

I don't even remember Oblivion being that flashy of a game.  Maybe that guy should just lay off the bath salts when he games from now on.   
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