Prepare to Cross the Line, Brother!

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Nintendo DS owners worldwide can prepare to Cross the Line this June with SouthPeak Games’ TNA Wrestling: Cross the Line. The title will mark SouthPeak’s first usage of the TNA license since acquiring it from Midway’s bankruptcy liquidation.

SouthPeak to the IP back to the drawing board and has created an entirely new game from the ground up exclusively for the Nintendo DS platform. The game is said to take complete advantage of the of the DS’ “unique control system” and provide an entirely new and unrivaled wrestling experience on the platform.

The details on the project are very scarce at this point in time, though early shots of the game and the official box art (shown below) show that the roster will at least include: Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, and Mick Foley. A PlayStation Portable game is also currently in production from SouthPeak using the TNA license but Hulk Hogan is noted as being exclusive to the Nintendo DS version(s) of the game.

An interesting observation that I would like to make is that according to the screenshots shown below of the game, TNA Wrestling: Cross the Line will incorporate the usage of a six-sided ring. While this is something that TNA Wrestling was once known for, they did away with the concept quite a few months ago and now utilize a standard 4-sided ring like most other wrestling organizations. I do not want to sound skeptical, but I hope that this isn’t an indication of the quality of the product compared to the source material. The game is due to launch next month, so we will likely see much more of it as we approach E3.

Source: GoNintendo

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