Prepare for Ascension as the God of War next week (PS+)

by: Jeremy -
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PlayStation Plus members are going to get their hands on one of 2013‘s most anticipated titles, at least in beta form, next week as God of War: Ascension hits the PlayStation Network. On January 8, the multiplayer beta for the game will be available for members of Sony’s “cool kids club”, aka PlayStation Plus.

The beta of the game will give players access to 2 of the final game’s modes: Team Favor of the gods and Favor of the Gods. You’ll be challenged with impressing the Gods of Olympus enough to earn “favor points” which can be used to improve your character. I have to admit, I was curious as to how successful this franchise could be when given a multiplayer aspect and after spending a little bit of time in the closed beta, I have to admit that I am thoroughly impressed. Next week, you’ll be able to find out for yourself when the beta opens up to PS+ members.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below and look forward to our full preview of the game early next week:

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