Pre-orders for Point and Click Adventure Resonance available!

by: Nathan -
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Man this really brings me back to my childhood and its nice to see that there is still a love for point and click adventure games.

A new point and click adventure game titled "Resonance" is set to be released in the future and is now taking pre-orders. If you pre-order you will get 10% off the selling price bringing the game down to only $8.99. In the day and age of $60 games you cant really go wrong with paying only $9 for what looks to be an amazing game. 

Resonance tells the story of four different playable characters whom all manage to intertwine with each other. After the mysterious death of a scientist, all four characters go in search scientists mysterious vault in order to claim his new discovery. 

A new point and click adventure game in 2012? Shut up and take my money! 

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