Pre-ordering for Forge has begun with some nice early bird specials

by: Russell -
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Dark Vale Games's upcoming game Forge unfortunately didn't meet it's Kickstarter goal.  However, that doesn't mean that the game won't be released.  In fact, gamers can now pre-order Forge in four different packages and gain some nice bonuses that were originally Kickstarter promotional offers to those who backed the game.  The four packages (with prices) are:

1.)  STARTER: For $15, you'll receive a full copy of the game, gain immediate access to the early Private Alpha, earn inclusion to the Closed Beta later this month, and receive an in-game "Founder's Title" to show your contribution to the game's development.

2.)  VETERAN: For $30, you'll get everything from Starter, plus an exclusive skin for all five starter classes and a year's worth of Forge DLC for no additional charge.

3.) ULTIMATE: For $60, you'll get the same as the Veteran package, only you'll never have to pay for DLC for the game.  It's basically a lifetime pass to future content updates for Forge.

4.) 4 Pak: For $60, you'll basically get four copies of the Starter package, along with exclusive skins for the five starter classes.

Keep in mind though that these pre-order offers only last until this Sunday (September 16th).  After that, the game can still be pre-ordered, but at the full price of $20.  For more info, head over to the pre-order page and check out the game on Steam's Greenlight.

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