Pre-order packages for Endless Space coming to Steam

by: Mike -
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Amplitude Studios, the developer of Endless Space, has announced two pre-order bonuses at a 25% discount until May 31. 

Admiral Edition: Community bonuses and digital soundtrack of the game.
Support the Game Dev Edition: All Admiral Edition content plus additional in-game content.

The content of the bonuses is hazy, but the most intriguing aspect of the game is that players will have access to the Alpha build. With kickstarter titles like Shadowrun and Double Fine's new adventure game finding funds via the community, Amplitude Studios decided to launch a Games2Gether campaign. Whereas kickstarter games rely on the community merely for funding, G2G involves them at every process of game development.

By registering with G2G and voting on a multitude of aspects from unit models to Game Design Documents, frequent voters gain more leverage and more say in the process as a whole. While exploiting this process may sound easy, Endless Space co-founder and Narrative Director Jeff Spock has nothing but confidence and positive feedback in a recent Gaming Nexus interview.

The Alpha trailer below showcases some awesome footage for such an early phase in development.

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