Pre-order goodies announced for Blur

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Pre-order goodies for a racing game are pretty predictable. It’s generally going to be some unlockable car that you can’t get anywhere else. In the case of Blur, which releases May 25th for the 360, PS3 and PC, this holds true but won’t be the only pre-order goody that is attainable. GameStop and Hollywood Game Crazy’s pre-order bundles include a few extras.

Pre-order from GameStop (Day One Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit):
Xbox 360 version here
PS3 version here

- A heavy, off-road powerhouse – the Ford Bronco in multiplayer.
- Get the MotorMash game mode at Rank 1
- Get Double Fans for the first five MotoMash Event, which increases your XP to unlock content sooner
Pre-order from Best Buy:
Xbox 360 version here
PS3 version here

- Unlock 600 horses of power with the Dodge Viper ACR in multiplayer mode
Pre-order from Hollywood Game Crazy:

- Fans allow gamers to rank up earlier, unlocking mods, cars and features sooner
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