Pre-order bonuses revealed for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

by: Travis -
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Capcom and From Software have announced various pre-order bonuses for upcoming mech simulation game, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. As with the tradition of pre-order offers, an assortment of options are available from Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. The various pre-order bonuses are listed below:
  • Amazon - Carbon Assassin Armory adds the Savannah armor for striking hard and fast with high-speed bullet velocity.
  • Best Buy - Chrome Blitzer Armory adds the Impact armor for outmaneuvering the enemy with increased turning speeds.
  • GameStop - Iron Guardian Armory adds the Rock armor for shrugging off enemy advances with reinforced defensive power.
Check after the break for trailers featuring each of the pre-order bonuses. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will be available in North America on June 19 and June 22 in European territories for Xbox 360 Kinect.


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