Pre-order Scribblenauts from Gamestop - get a free hat

by: Dan -
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One of the games getting lots of buzz out of E3 and here at GamingNexus is Scribblenauts from Warner Brothers and 5th Cell. Not only did Chuck get a hands on with it at E3 and enjoy it, but the ESRB had a little fun with the ratings summary and we have been getting lots of screens (1,2) and video. however, the one thing any good Scribblenauts fan will want, is Maxwell's Rooster Hat. Yup, the adorable little dude is always wearing his trusty red hat in the game, but you can now own it just by pre-ordering at Gamestop. Scribblenauts was announced as hitting stores on September 15th, so those wanting their Maxwell Rooster Hat will get it in plenty of time for the winter chill. Hurry though, as quantities are supposedly limited.

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