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Pre-order Red Faction: Guerrilla on Impulse, get first two Red Faction games for free

by: Chuck -
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Stardock has put together a nice pre-order package for those that pre-order the PC version of Red Faction:Guerrilla on Impulse.  If you pick up the game for the reasonable $39.99 they will toss in the first two Red Faction games for free.  The games are a little dated but will give you the full history of the game as well as showing you how far the GeoMod technology has come since Red Faction 2 came out.
A quick head’s up for your news scrolls that Stardock is offering a killer pre-order deal on Red Faction Guerilla. With the pre-order on Impulse ( you get the first two Red Faction titles for free! Red Faction Guerilla pre-orders are available now for $39.99.

In Red Faction Guerrilla, Alec Mason arrives on Mars hungry for a new life, but the promise of a brighter future quickly fades after a tragic encounter with the oppressive Earth Defense Force. Lead the revolution against the EDF using guerrilla tactics and strategic destruction in an epic battle for control of the Red Planet.

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