Pre-order DJ Hero, choose from 6 bonuses

by: Marissa -
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DJ Hero launches soon--October 27th on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PS2, to be exact. Hopefully that gives you enough time to decide who you want to pre-order from: Blactivision (my naming suggestion must not have reached Activision Blizzard during the merger) has announced the following six(!) different pre-order bonuses.
Pre-order DJ Hero (regular or Renegade Edition) from these retailers, score these bonuses: – $5 credit towards the music tracks that inspired the music for the game
Best Buy – free code that  unlocks a Daft Punk level
GameStop –  two free playable song downloads
Guitar Hero Store – free two-day shipping
Hollywood/GameCrazy –  exclusive turntable slipmat –  $10 electronic gift card
You can also pre-order DJ Hero directly by visiting
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