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Powermat to begin releasing rechargable batteries in July

by: Ben Berry -
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Filed under the "So cool I couldn't wait to tell you" ... um, file, is the news that Powermat is going to start shipping it's replacement batteries for the major names in mobile devices beginning in July. Why is this cool and what does it mean to you? It means that instead of having to buy a new back to replace the perfectly good back you have for your mobile device in order to charge it on the Powermat, you simply replace the battery.

Powermat was showing off prototypes of the battery at CES in January, and they look like every other battery on the market except they work with the Powermat system. Even better news is that the new batteries will work just fine with the first generation recharging stations that are already on store shelves. So you won't have to go out and buy a new mat to make use of them.

In my upcoming review of the Powermat unit I've been demoing, the lack of support for more devices was one of the few major drawbacks to the platform. You wind up having to use the Powercube for any device that doesn't have a back available for it. Not that it doesn't work, it's just not that elegant and it doesn't allow you to get the full uses of what the Powermat is designed to do.

Obviously, the different batteries will roll out throughout the summer. I just hope they make one for my Nexus One.