Power Gig cranks up the heat

by: Tina -
More On: Power Gig: Rise of the SixString
Finally! A little bit of controversy. I was wondering when the obvious rivalry between the several music-genre games like Power Gig, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero would begin to manifest itself on the Internet. Competing in the same market with the same innovative idea of using a real six-stringed guitar as opposed to simple color-coded buttons, someone had to throw the first punch.

I tried to muster some thoughts out of VP of Marketing at Seven45 Studios, Jeff Walker, at E3, but he was clearly too expectant of such questions given the timing of what was then a recent reveal of Rock Band 3 and their authentic controllers/guitars. It looks like Power Gig: Rise of the SixString is upping the ante with this latest video, however.

The video shows what looks to be old Guitar Hero controllers being tossed into a plane. On flying over a volcano in Reykjavik, Iceland (a region which is known for its volcanic activity), the guitar controllers are tossed off into the burning lava and ashes of one of Reykjavik’s volcanoes in declaration of it being obsolete. Clearly, it is time to rock the real way, with a real controller. The only question now is: will it be with Power Gig? 

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