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Power Gig: Rise of the SixString story revealed

by: Tina -
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Seven45 Studios is finally revealing more information behind Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. Today's information comes in the form of a video detailing the storyline behind the band performance game.

The game takes place in Ohm, an environment that is able to be manipulated through the physical powers of rock. Rockers can shape the world around them, including their people and respective abilities. The monarchy around this land is named the Headliner, and they’ve been based divine instruments down from the creators of their world themselves. The Rockers, however, are set to rebel against them, particularly in sight of an edict of silence that was issued, thereby making live performances illegal.

Under gameplay, therefore, you will be rocking out in secret, underground venues and changing the world around you. The story and visuals are certainly unique to the game market in video games, but I’m hoping their gameplay perspective will also be up to par especially given the competition surrounding them (namely, Rock Band 3).

Check the video out below for Design Director Jack Davis’ explanation of Ohm and the world of rock.