Postcards from the Apocalypse

by: Jeremy -
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Greetings everyone, from the end of the world... at least through the eyes of Evolution Studios and their latest release, MotoroStorm: Apocalypse. I am currently working on the Gaming NExus review of the insane racer for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and figured that I would give some of my early impressions as well as some shots from my adventures.

First off, notice the screenshots below... those were all taken using the game’s photo mode which is available at any time during the single player game. I absolutely love games that give you the ability to capture images and / or video and it really suits this title in particular as the action can get downright insane and worth capturing for reflection.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is one of the most impressive racing games that I have ever played. The action is non-stop and the presentation is impeccable. I thought that Split/Second delivered some truly “edge of your seat” experiences but this game is making that one look like a Sunday drive with the family. Evolution has absolutely out done their selves with amazing track design and production values. The game runs amazingly well, especially considering just how much stuff is going on around you... with absolutely zero slowdown.

You can expect our full review in the coming weeks but take my advice now, this is an incredible game... 

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