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Possible pricing details for the new Xbox 360 Arcade

by: Nathan -
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The new (aka slim) Xbox 360 is already available in stores, but what about the lower end model? Kotaku got a tip from one of its readers that the German Amazon site had the 4 GB "arcade" unit available for pre-order for around $189 US (estimated from the Euro price tag). This new console is still a mystery, but this all but confirms the rumored price of $199.99 . There still isn't much information regarding what features, other than the massive hard drive, will be left out of the lower end model. Chances are the $199 price will stick and that purchasing any necessary additions (hard drive, WiFi adapter, etc.) will bring the system up to snuff with the current model being offered will cost around the same as the higher end model with everything built in. Of course with a couple of 16 GB external USB hard drives you could add a fair amount of storage without having to buy a proprietary drive.Hopefully Microsoft will be releasing more info as we get closer to autumn.