Portal 2 to get free DLC this summer

by: Nathaniel -
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That's right, all 3 platforms (Bu...bu...but how will they get it to the 360 without Steam?) will be receiving free downloadable content for Portal 2 this summer.

The story is all over the internet.  I read about it on gamesradar.com first.

Portal 2's first bit DLC will include new single-player and co-op content.  I guess that means more test chambers and challenge modes.  

There's not much more info as of right now.  It's targeted for a summer release but no specific date is known and it will be free.

I wonder what this means for the petty Valve versus Microsoft feud over Steam integration.  Before it was such a big deal that Valve had to leave features out of the Xbox version of Portal 2, but now the Xbox version is getting the same deal as the PS3 and the PC.  I guess Microsoft's evil certification process only bothers them some of the time.
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