Portal 2 delayed for another two months

by: John -
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Valve calls it their shortest delay but official word comes out from them that Portal 2 will now ship the week of April 18th. Before they said it was due out in February but a few more months won't hurt it. I mean, two months isn't THAT long but at least we're getting the news now instead of a few months from now when we were expecting the game to finally ship.
Valve today announced that Portal 2 -- the sequel to the ground-breaking title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its original ship date -- will now be available the week of April 18th, 2011. This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve's proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date.
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