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What is a PRPG, you ask?  It's a puzzle role playing game.  Square Enix and PopCap Games are having a baby together that is due on November 18.  The baby's name is Gyromancer. Their goal was to bring together the crazy addictive casual games and shake it up with RPG elements. 

Watching the video below makes me think that they may have a winner on their hands.  With beautiful graphics (for this type of game), 12 stages, more than 50 monsters to battle and more, expect Gyromancer to demand a lot of your time. 

Square Enix and PopCap Games are preparing to administer a dose of Puzzle Game + RPG goodness to XBLA and PC fans everywhere with the upcoming release of Gyromancer. To celebrate the coming of said momentous event, we’ve compiled a most fancy trailer highlighting several gameplay elements. And, Gyromancer is officially dated at the end of the trailer!

Genre: Puzzle RPG
Platform: XBLA, PC
Rating: T (teen)Developer: PopCap Games / Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix
Summon mystical and almighty monsters to defeat your enemies by way of puzzle in the immersive Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC title, GYROMANCER. This addictive and deeply strategic puzzle RPG offers huge replay value with its deep and engrossing storyline, multifaceted leveling system and 50 plus monsters to call upon during battle. In its first joint project with Square Enix, PopCap Games—widely known for the popular puzzle game Bejeweled—perfected the game’s intricate puzzle aspects. This fusion of puzzle and RPG is sure to satisfy all players.

· 12 Exhilarating Stages
· Addictive Puzzle Gameplay
· Deep RPG Leveling System
· More than 50 Monsters to use in Battle
· Online Leaderboard
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