Pool Pro Online 3 takes a bite out of Apple and gets cross-platform play

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The future is nigh! Namco just launched Pool Pro Online 3 for the iPhone, joining the game on the other platforms it is available to. That means that using UniteSDK, Namco allows cross-platform play and other online features.

They won’t be stopping there, either. Plans are being made to use more Namco games with UniteSDK. This can definitely result in some interesting turns with gaming if it begins to become more widespread, and sure to spur flames on both negative and positive directions. I can imagine the pros for social gaming, but I can also imagine the trash talking amounting to complaints of the other’s control system, etc.

Pool Pro Online 3 lets you play 8-ball, 9-ball and Snooker with friends online. Read on to check all the online features that are available.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 11, 2010—Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of mobile, iPhone and PC games for mass-market casual gamers, today announced the launch of Pool Pro Online 3, the first of a series of games using UniteSDK™, Namco’s proprietary technology that provides cross-platform play. Developed by Order of Magnitude™, Namco’s newly-named internal Apple development team, the game is currently available for $4.99 on Apple’s App Store.

Pool Pro Online 3 gives pool fans an opportunity to play friends online anywhere in the world in 8-ball, 9-ball and Snooker. In this 3D game, individuals can make in-game wagers against their opponent and use the winnings to purchase table felts, cue sticks and new pool halls. The iPhone and iPod touch version offers simple and intuitive controls allowing players to set up shots quickly, easily and precisely. Through the power of UniteSDK, players log-in using their device and receive instant access to multiple online features, including:

· Friends list to make it easy to find and challenge friends

· Global Leaderboards to share scores with people around the world

· Achievements to track accomplishments and share them with friends on Facebook

· Chat with opponents in real time

According to Jonathan Kromrey, general manager of apple games for Namco Networks, “This is only the beginning of where we are going as a company. Over the next several months, we will roll out a series of other features and games that are powered by UniteSDK, including tournaments for Pool Pro Online 3.”

“Allowing gamers with the option to play anywhere, anytime and on multiple platforms will be a true milestone for Namco Networks—wanting to play a friend that has an iPhone when someone only has a PC will no longer be a prohibiting factor,” stated Kirby Fong, executive producer of web development and online gaming community at Namco Networks. “UniteSDK allows Namco and in the near future, external developers, to create games that provide cross platform and cross game social community.”

Pool Pro Online 3 will be available for PC, iPad, Mac, Android, Java, BREW, RIM and Windows Mobile in the coming months. Other iPhone and iPod touch games that are powered by UniteSDK and coming out this month include PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN. For more information on Namco and its games, please visit www.namcogames.com or NAMCO GAMES on Facebook. To learn more about UniteSDK, please go to www.unitesdk.com.
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