Polk Audio Introduces latest SurroundBar family member aimed at gamers

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Polk Audio today announced the latest addition to their SurroundBar Family, the Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater (SB IHT). The SB IHT is a two-piece, affordable audio solution for those that are looking to add high-quality surround to their gaming rigs at a decent price. The unit features a main SurroundBar speaker system featuring four 2 1/2 drivers and 2 tweeters, as well as a 6 1/2 wireless (that's right, wireless) sub that uses the 2.4 GHz frequency. It is scheduled to retail starting around the second week of February at $499.95 wherever Polk products are sold.

In addition, I had a chance to chat with Polk Audio's VP of Product Line Management Mark Suskind last week to discuss the SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater. Mark covered several topics about the product, including why its is ideal for gamers and movie buffs alike, as well as the design and specs of the wireless sub, which is a first for any Polk SurroundBar product.

GamingNexus was also given exclusive access to the SB IHT prior to its announcement today, so look for a review of it in the very near future. In the meantime, enjoy the 35+ minute interview with Mark Suskind:
CES ’09, Venetian Hotel Suite #31-112 and 31-116
Polk Raises The Bar On Performance And Convenience With The SurroundBar® SDA Instant Home Theater

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 5, 2009 - Polk Audio today announced the latest addition to its family of SurroundBar® integrated home theater speakers, and a leap forward in simplified surround sound for the mass market. The new SurroundBar® SDA Instant Home Theater (IHT) brings the celebrated Polk sound to virtually any home entertainment system that hooks up in minutes, with a compact, integrated speaker array perfectly matched for flat TVs, and an innovative wireless subwoofer.

“The market has been calling for a solution as straightforward as this one,” says Mark Suskind, Vice President of Polk Product Line Management . “Until now there have been too many compromises needed to get convincing home theater audio that’s also convenient for the consumer. Polk’s new IHT makes home theater audio easy, simple and affordable for any household."

The Polk IHT distinguishes itself from its competition by virtue of its storied Polk Audio engineering. Six drivers have been employed to provide a broad, accurate sound field that presents the listener with clarity and realism. Four 2 ½” treated composite bass-midrange drivers provide remarkable impact from the SurroundBar’s compact frame (only 31.75” W x 4” H and 4.65” D), while two 13mm polymer dome tweeters provide extended high frequency response out to 22 KHz. Polk’s patented SDA® Stereo Dimensional Array Technology creates a realistic surround image without the use of rear or side speakers.

The Instant Home Theater’s matching wireless subwoofer is a compact 6 ½” floor-firing design that thanks to an integrated wireless transmitter. With set-up taking just a few minutes, the sub can be placed virtually anywhere in the listening room without the need for cumbersome subwoofer cabling. The sub’s treated carbon fiber drivers provide tight, authoritative bass that brings a new level of impact to the soundbar category, with response down to an impressive 40 Hz. The IHT system connects to the stereo audio output jacks of any TV.

Polk’s IHT will begin shipping in January 2009, for a suggested selling price of $499.
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