Poison makes Rock Band debut next week, joined by more 3 Doors Down

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Starting next Tuesday, Rock Band fans will finally have access to one of the best Hair Bands of the 1980’s when Poison makes their debut into the Rock Band franchise. Joining them will be another excellent band in 3 Door Down, with each providing a trio of songs to the DLC packet this week. The 3 Doors Down tracks include the single “When You’re Young” which is the first single from their upcoming album Time of My Life which releases on July 19th. The Poison tracks are all very familiar (some of their most popular songs) and should be a blast to play in the game. Unfortunately, the power ballad “Every Rose has its Thorns” is not included this time, but we can only hope to see it in a future release.

Pricing will be $0.99/80 MS Pts/100 Wii Pts for the Pro Upgrade, $1.99/160 MS Pts/200 Wii Pts for each track or $5.49/440 MS Pts/550 Wii Pts for either the Poison Track 01 or the 3 Doors Down Pack 01. Here are the six tracks coming next week:

3 Doors Down – “Here Without You”
3 Doors Down – “When I’m Gone”X
3 Doors Down – “When You’re Young”
Poison – “Nothin’ but a Good Time’X
Poison – “Talk Dirty to Me”
Poison – “Unskinny Bop”
Tracks marked with an 'X' include Pro Bass/Pro Guitar Upgarde for $0.99

The great thing about the recent Rock Band DLC is that Harmonix is starting to get access to popular artists that previously had little to no tracks within the series. Unfortunately for me, that means a drain on my wallet.

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