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Do you smoke?  Do you know someone who does?  If you want to kick the habit or help somone you know kick the habit you might want to check out the program that Pogo.com is kicking off in celebration National Smoke-Free day (which is today).  To help people kick the habit they are rolling out special programs including kick the habit game nights (going on through the end of  November ), Kick the Habit Game Rooms where smokers can support each other, and Club Pogo extras which are in game items that identify you as a former smoker.

It's certainly nice to see Pogo stepping up to the plate on this issue.  My mom was a former smoker who quit cold turkey one day after a routine checkup revealed some dark masses on her lungs.  She's been tobacco free for almost 20 years now and she's a lot better for it. 


Pogo Players Reach for a Mouse Instead of a Cigarette on National Smoke-Free Day 

Redwood City, Calif. – November 15, 2007 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that its casual gaming destination Pogo.com™ celebrates National Smoke-Free Day with  a special Kick the Habit program to help players quit smoking while playing games and getting support from the vibrant Pogo™ community. The 13.9 million1 unique monthly visitors on Pogo.com have access to several features of the Kick the Habit campaign including:  

    • Special Kick the Habit Game nights – Players can find special game nights to gather and keep their mind off of smoking and have fun playing.
    • Kick the Habit Game Rooms – Specially labeled game rooms will connect players with others on the same mission. They will be able to trade tips and tricks and support each other in the cessation of smoking. 
    • Kick the Habit E-Cards – Players can send out special E-Cards to friends and family to let them know that they are quitting or to encourage others to quit.
    • Club Pogo™ extras – To help players let each other know they are kicking the habit or are in support of their fellow players, Club Pogo members will be able to get free Kick the Habit Pogo Mini items.

“We have a very passionate and supportive community on Pogo,” said Beatrice Spaine, Vice President of marketing for Pogo. “From rooms for players to gather and talk about their experiences to e-cards to help players get support from family and friends, we wanted to give players the tools and community support to aide in kicking the smoking habit.”  

Pogo Player FC said, ”I have been smoke free for 400 days”. She added, “I had smoked for 17 years. The first $30 I saved I gave myself a present by purchasing a Club Pogo membership. I must admit I have been tempted over the last 400 days, but Club Pogo has been there for me to give me something to do instead of reaching for a pack of smokes and a lighter.”  

For more information and to experience some of the best online games on the Internet, visit www.pogo.com. For screenshots and assets, please visit info.ea.com. To visit the “Kick the Habit” program, visit www.pogo.com. 


1 According to ComScore September 07 

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