Please mean what I think this means [Castle of Illusion]

by: Jeremy -
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Sega and Disney have released a semi-cryptic trailer to the world and I am really (REALLY) hoping that it means what I think it means. As you can see below, the trailer is nothing more than an ominous promo for “something”coming out this Summer. We see a castle, some toy soldiers, the infamous Maleficent, and the most telling feature: a red apple.

Judging by the copyright dates at the end, which list 1990 and 2013, this can only mean one thing: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse!

The Sega Genesis classic remains one of my all time favorite games and one of the title I always prayed would receive a HD update. There have been rumors swirling for months that the new version was in the works, and this appears to be confirming them. Can’t Sega or Disney hurry up and make an official announcement already?!?!
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