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Playstation Home update news: v1.4 and more

by: Dan -
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While there may be no place like Home, if you own a PS3, you need to keep yours updated to have the latest and greatest. I received an e-mail today reminding me that Home had a free update to v1.4 available and would include some long-awaited features have finally gone in. I don’t head into Home that much anymore, but it appears that v1.4 was originally released way back on November 11th, so maybe I should hang out more with our friends at the Playstation Blog who have been all over it. The features added with v1.4 included grouping, public voice chat, wardrobe improvements, cross-game invites, inventory management and more.

Since that update, another massive update dropped right before Thanksgiving (on Nov 25th) and added in Spelunker and Konami game spaces, another update to the PlayStation Home Community Theater and more crap you can buy at the Home Mall. Check out all the details courtesy of Locust_Star, the PlayStation Home community manager.

The e-mail I received also directed me to this cool little trailer touting Home, and thought I would pass it along. No, Kevin Butler is not in it, but it’s still cool: