Playlogic developing motion control games for the PlayStation Move

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The PlayStation Move is getting some actual movement in the works under the wing of Playlogic Entertainment based in The Netherlands. You might recall that they were the team who developed the EyePet for the Playstation 3, so they have a bit of experience in this department.

What game in particular they might be working on is yet to be announced, but they will certainly involve some motion control. Feel free to stalk them on Twitter in the hopes that some more detailed information might slip.
Amsterdam/New York – 25th March 2010 – Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq OTC: PLGC.OB), an independent worldwide publisher of entertainment software, announced today that its internal development studio, Playlogic Game Factory, is developing new motion control enabled products with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Playlogic Game Factory, located in Breda, The Netherlands has worked on a great number of SCEE licenses in the past such as EyeToy™ Play: PomPom Party for PlayStation®2, Aqua Vita™, Tori Emaki™, Mesmerise™, and most recently EyePet™ for PlayStation®3.

Executive Vice President of Playlogic, Rogier Smit said: “We have increased the team size dedicated to these new projects to accommodate the extension of our partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. We have proved to Sony over the past 5 years that our team has the skills they require and we will continue to deliver the quality Playlogic Game Factory is known for.”

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