Playing Old Games - Why the Mass Effect 3 trailer is making me nervous

by: Ben Berry -
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As I mentioned in my Playing Old Games post, I bought Mass Effect and ME2 at the same time, so I jumped right from the first to the second game. I just finished the 2nd game, and so as not to spoil anything going into the 3rd, I won't give away too many things. But one point I want to make is that the game continually mentions during save points that choices you make in ME2 can impact Mass Effect 3 dramatically. 

If you've played ME2, there's a major choice you make right near the end. And I'm not talking about which of the various love interests to bed; Miranda is voiced and modeled after Yvonne Stahovski; there really is no other choice. But the other choice you have to make at the end of the game is a big one, and based on the trailer shown last night, I'm wondering if I made the right one now. I'm guessing a good percentage of the people out there who have played through ME2 are wondering the same thing.

Here's the Mass Effect 3 debut trailer.

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