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PlayStation services beginning to be brought back online

by: John -
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So we don't have online services yet, but it's beginning. When you turn on your PlayStation 3, you'll be prompted to update to 3.61 and then be asked to change your password. This is probably a good idea anyways, but smart on Sony to make you do this on the update.

Sony has put up a map
to show you which states are online with PSN services. Right now, it's blank and no state's highlighted but it's happening now. Even if your state is highlighted, it might take a little more time so at least some online functionality is beginning to be brought back.

You can watch Kazuo Hirai below announce all the details on what's happening and what they are offering for all the troubles that you've went through.

Well, it's been 7 months since I've last logged into or turned on my PlayStation 3. I guess I should at least try to get it all updated so once I do start getting into PS3 games again, I won't have to sit hours waiting to get back a working console with all the patches.