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Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has apparently decided that their PlayStation logos can help make up for stagnant console sales, as they have introduced the PlayStation Logo Licensing Program. The program will allow a Licensee to hawk just about anything and slap any one of several PlayStation logos on the product. American Standard PSP Urinal? Check. George Forman special edition PlayStation 3 grill? Check. Haynes Sock Boy brand socks? Check.

You get the idea. More than likely the logos will show up on water bottles, lunch boxes, apparel and such. However, you just never know. Anyone interested in taking a gander at the program can head over to the official site.
Sony Computer Entertainment to Introduce PlayStation® 'Logo Licensing Program'
PlayStation Brand to be Enhanced with New Merchandise from Official Licensing Program

TOKYO, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced the introduction of PlayStation® "Logo Licensing Program" targeted for variety of lifestyle products from apparel to everyday items as part of the Official Licensing Program.

Licensees who enter into an agreement with SCE through the "Logo Licensing Program" will be able to design their product using the PlayStation logos and or the iconic marks. The program is applicable to a variety of lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, house wares and more. Furthermore, SCE will provide "Official Licensed Product logo" to be used on product packages, proving that the products comply with the guideline and have been approved by SCE. Further details on the "Logo Licensing Program" are available on the official site ( With the help of third party companies, SCE will enrich the licensed product line-up and deliver various quality lifestyle products that will make the PlayStation brand more accessible than ever.

The Official Licensing Program for PlayStation peripherals and accessories was introduced in June 2009 and has contributed to delivering a richer PlayStation experience to users by offering more than 123 items from 45 licensees* who have joined the program. With this new initiative, SCE will further expand the Official License Program and continue the strategy to vigorously promote various measures for PlayStation.

* Numbers as of June 2010.
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