PlayStation Vita TV lets you play Vita games on your TV and stream PS4

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Sony has announced a brand new Vita product that, for now, is only coming to Japan. The ?PlayStation Vita TV is a small micro-console like device that will let you play Vita games on your big screen TV. It features a slot where you can insert Vita titles and an array of connectors on the back such as an Ethernet port, HDMI, and USB.

What's also cool about this little device is that it can stream your PlayStation 4 games and content as well. Say you want to play your PlayStation 4 in another room but don't want to move the console. Just plug this little thing into the TV and then start streaming the game to it. 

Not only will it play Vita games and stream PS4 games, it's also capable of playing PSP and original PSOne titles, which I am guessing will be through Gaikai. There will also be video services that are accessible through the Vita TV such as Hulu.

For $100, this seems like a pretty nice companion device.

Source: Polygon

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