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PlayStation Move: Fun for you and 3, make that 2, maybe 1 friend...

by: Jeremy -
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Ruh roh Raggy?!?!?!? Did someone at Sony leave their thinking cap off?  Gizmodo has a very, very interesting story posted on their site. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Move cannot support full functioning 4-player support... just 3... and a half technically.  Even that number may be off.  The problem lies in the bluetooth tethering required with the device(s).  
Unfortunately, many games, as we have been shown, require uses to utilize either two Move controllers or one Move controller and a nunchuk sub-controller... and both of those devices would tie up 2 spots on the bluetooth tethering.  Oh, but the PS3 only supports up to 7 devices for its bluetooth tethering.  See where we are going here...
How did this slip past the early engineering phases?  Wouldn't this be bypassed if the sub-controller at least was tethered to the Move controller?  But no, you kids need your fancy wireless.  If you want to get truly technical, Sony actually says that only 4 Move related devices can be tethered at once... meaning three players can all be using two devices each.  Are you confused yet? Is it a huge deal? No... but it is something to think about.

Source: Gizmodo