Play games, get music: Linkin Park launches a Facebook game next month

by: Jeremy -
A lot of artists / bands are getting their selves involved in the gaming community. Charlie Murder just released their long-awaited XBLA game, Jay Z added his influence to NBA 2K13 last Fall, and Eminem has sworn allegiance to the Call of Duty community, using the latest game to launch his new single. Linkin Park is looking to make their mark too as they launch a new Facebook game here in a few weeks.

LP RECHARGE, a collaboration between Linkin Park and Kuuluu Interactive, combines action-packed gameplay with a full musical score by the popular band. Players can play alone or cooperatively with friends to battle against the elite minority who have taken what little energy remains on the planet. Taking down the enemy means returning power, figuratively and literally, to the hands of the people.

You can check out a trailer for the game below and look forward to seeing the game when it launches on September 12, 2013.
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