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by: Chad -
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Just about all of the information for Naughty Bear so far has been about the single-player action.  That has now changed.  Today, we've got some multiplayer details.  Naughty Bear 4 multiplayer modes with 15 unique badges that unlock different powers. The four modes are as follows:
  • Jelly Wars - Co-op for a group of "normal bears" that are trying to create the most awesome jelly ever; the Naughty Bear is (of course) trying to stop them.
  • Cake Walk - Score points by holding onto the Glorious Golden Cupcake for as long as possible.  Holding that item slows your movements and prevents you from attacking others or defending yourself.
  • Golden Oozy - One player has a gun of extraordinary power with unlimited ammo.  All other players must hunt down the wielder to get the gun for themselves.
  • Assault - Two teams with their own base.  They alternate attacking / defending bases for 2 minutes.
It sounds like a good variety and should lead to some fun gameplay.  Read on for even more details!
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