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If you’ve been waiting for a chance to play the half arcade, half RPG Dungeon Fighter Online since its multiple releases throughout Asia, Nexon has been giving away beta keys to certain gaming websites (Game Spot for one) so that you can get a chance to get in on the action early starting September 15th. They’ve already distributed some keys at PAX this past weekend, but now us non-attendees can get some equal footing. Can I hear a w00t?

Lame jokes aside, Nexon wants you in Arad and exploring the perilous dungeons to be found in DFO early. So if you’re kicking yourself for missing out on the closed beta test over the summer, make sure to take advantage of these beta keys. No third chances! …Probably.

The same five classes will be offered – Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest, Slayer – and your character can carry on after the official release of the game. For those beta testers from this past summer, you’ll be getting the Trailblazer title to redeem your in-game prize. Check out the screenshots and artwork.

Nexon America Establishes Early Access Beta for Dungeon Fighter Online

Players who acquire an early access beta key play first and retain created characters for official launch

Gamers eager to jump into Nexon America’s upcoming action-adventure title, Dungeon Fighter Online, get their first chance with the game’s early access beta which launches on September 15. Characters created during early access will be retained throughout all following beta tests and into launch of the game later this year, allowing for players to build their characters first.

Players who participated in the closed beta test this summer will have the opportunity to redeem their in-game prize with the Trailblazer title, which can be equipped and boost a character’s stats.

Nexon America distributed exclusive beta keys last week at Penny Arcade Expo. Nexon has sent additional beta keys to several popular gaming Web sites, including, allowing players everywhere a chance to get in on this exciting game. Dungeon Fighter Online pairs classic arcade-style action game play with an immersive RPG fantasy world and brings both online for one incredible free-to-play experience.

Those who acquire a beta key for early access to Dungeon Fighter Online will be among the first in North America to venture into the mystical world of Arad, a peaceful land beset on all sides by the forces of darkness. To beat back the sinister tide, players choose to be one of five character classes – Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest or Slayer – each with its own abilities and devastating attack combinations. From there, it’s off on a fantastic journey through Arad’s towns and villages, where a colorful ensemble of quirky characters send players on increasingly perilous quests. Along the way, players can fully customize themselves with weapons, armor and, of course, the most killer threads. Playing online further enhances the experience, as players can chat and message with friends, trade and auction items, form parties to tackle dungeons as a team, and much, much more.
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