Plain Sight update plus Steam sale for $2

by: Chad -
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The budget-priced ninja robot game called Plain Sight has been out for a while now.  I enjoyed my time with it during the review but haven't jumped back in for a match since.  That's about to change, though, because Beatnik Games have announced update 1.2 for Plain Sight.  This update will accomplish the following (quote):
  • New persistent perks - buy Vacuum Bombs, Gentleman Decoy Robots, Anti-perk Zones and many more…
  • New achievements
  • A new pirate themed map (everyone loves pirates!)
  • Online AI
  • Improved dedicated server software
  • Gameplay tweaks and many bug fixes…
It even adds top hats!  They're celebrating this massive update with a massive sale.  You can purchase Plain Sight on Steam until tomorrow for only $2.  That's a low price of admission for a clever online action title.

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