Pixel Junk Shooter becomes the Ultimate game... literally

by: Jeremy -
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Double Eleven continues to bring Q Games classic series to life again with updated releases on a variety of Sony’s platforms. This time around, they are taking a crack at the oh-so-awesome Pixel Junk Shooter saga. The developer has announced Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, due later this coming Summer.

PJS Ultimate is a combination of both PJS and PJS2 along with a variety of new and improved features. First off, the campaigns of both games have been combined into one, non-stop adventure, where you can utilize all of the various updated maneuvers and abilities across all chapters. The game is also including Cross-Play and Cross-save capabilities, an improved (balanced0 scoring system, revised HUD, and an improved look for the player’s ship.

Pixel Junk’s shooter games have been amongst my favorite in the PJ saga and even though I have played both countless times before on my PS3, I won’t hesitate to pick the new version up to play on the go on my Vita.

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