Pinkerton Road Studio announces Moebius

by: Travis -
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Jane Jensen and Pinkerton Road Studio have announced development for their first adventure game, Moebius. Kickstarter supporters of the studio's adventure program voted with 61% of the vote for Moebius, a spiritual successor to Gabriel Knight. At this point, the Kickstarter profits for supporting the development of Moebius are at half of the desired $300,000 goal. Described as a "...metaphysical sci-fi thriller in the vein of Fringe, Jane’s novel Dante’s Equation, and (of course!) Gabriel Knight," Moebius is a third-person point and click adventure with 2D visuals. The game will feature two modes including one with hints and hotspot revealer referred to as Casual Adventure, and a more challenging version titled True Adventure.

If the funding goal is met before the Kickstarter campaign ends on May 19, Moebius is estimated for release in March 2013. As well, Pinkerton Road Studio plans to pursue a second adventure game if enough funding is collected. Visit the "A Year of Adventure" Kickstarter page for further details.

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