PhyreEngine available for PSP developers soon

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What is PhyreEngine and why should you care?  It's a graphics rendering engine that is designed to make use of the strengths of the PSP.  It also contains "game templates" that will allow developers to quickly create proof of concepts.  In short, things are about to get easier for a PSP developer to make a better game. 

Sony will showcase PhyreEngine as well as "Tunnel Shooter" (game demo) at GDC this week. 
March 9, 2010 – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced that PhyreEngine™ for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system will become available to PSP game developers this spring.

PhyreEngine is an advanced graphics rendering engine provided as source code and tools to PlayStation®3 game developers, publishers and Tools & Middleware licensees, and used in a number of titles released on the PlayStation®Store and Blu-ray™ Disc. PhyreEngine for the PSP system will enable game franchises to be efficiently developed to make use of the strengths of PSP platform.

At the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, PhyreEngine for the PSP system and “Tunnel Shooter,” the game demo using one of the original PhyreEngine “game templates” (vertical slices of different game genres provided as full source code with PhyreEngine to help game developers quickly assemble proof of concepts), will be showcased at SCE Booth this week.

“We're very happy to see the continued popularity of PhyreEngine with the global game developer community,” said Teiji Yutaka, Senior Vice President, Technology Platform of SCEI. “PhyreEngine for PSP was developed in response to requests from the game developer community, and we hope that the release of the PSP version demonstrates our commitment and support for game developers on all our platforms.”

SCE will deploy various measures to further reinforce game development for the PSP system and will continue to expand the platform to offer interactive entertainment experiences only available on the PSP system.
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