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Photo Dojo may come stateside

by: Jeremy -
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 Japanese gamers got a very original game from Nintendo last year in Photo Fighter X for the Nintendo DSi.  The game allows players to create their own characters for the fighting game using the DSi's camera.  The Australian video game ratings board, OFLC, has rated the title Photo Dojo to be published by Nintendo according to Siliconera.  If Australia is getting the game, it isn't too far fetched that it may be making its way to North America and Europe.  Photo Dojo takes the player through the process of striking various fighting poses and then taking a picture of their self with the Nintendo DSi camera.  Once all of the poses have been entered, effects can be added like fireballs and such.  While the game may be nothing short of a novelty, is sounds like a really cool novelty nonetheless...  I will definitely check it out...