Phoenix Wright heads to iPhone. I object.

by: Sean Colleli -
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Capcom has probably made a ton of fans happy by announcing that the first three games in the Phoenix Wright series--Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations are coming to the Apple App Store. Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will be available for $17 as a bundle or $7 for each individual game. And you know what? I'm perfectly cool with that. They're all great games and while I don't like Apple or their hardware much, iOS gamers deserve the chance to play these DS classics.

But here's the thing. These games are some of those maddeningly rare titles on the DS, where they originally debuted in America (they originally-originally came out on the Game Boy Advance in Japan, but that's another story). They've been out of print for years, It's nearly impossible to find them in secondhand game stores and prices on Amazon can get ridiculous. As an Android user I'd love to get the trilogy on my phone, but for now it's just for iOS.

So hey, Capcom, these games are huge cult hits (there's always at least 3 guys dressed as Phoenix Wright at every anime con) and there are lots of people who still haven't played them, and don't really have the ability to. There's a huge untapped market out there to profit from. So please, pretty please can you release an HD collection for 3DS or Steam, or at least port the HD trilogy to Android? I'd really appreciate it.
Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today confirmed that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available on App Store. Re-created in beautiful HD, this compilation features the first three games in the popular Ace Attorney series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations.
The games follow the unforgettable career of eccentric defense attorney Phoenix Wright with the action switching between the courtroom and crime scenes as Phoenix cross-examines witnesses, and gathers the evidence that will prove his clients’ innocence. Each of the three titles includes all gameplay content originally enjoyed in the Nintendo DS versions with upgraded HD graphics as well as responsive on-screen controls fine-tuned for iOS allowing for easy navigation using simple swipe commands.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD also comes with the “Everyone Object” mode that allows players to communicate their displeasure of everyday situations with the help of popular Ace Attorney characters and sayings. With a simple touch of a button, the phrases, "Objection!", "Hold it!", and "Take that!" can be emailed to friends or tweeted along with an animated image.
For those wanting affirmation of the great gameplay experience that awaits, the first two episodes of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney are available to download free of charge with the remaining three episodes priced at $5.99/£3.99/€4.99/AUD6.49. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations are available as in-app purchases individually priced at $6.99/£4.99/€5.49/AUD7.49. Alternatively, all three titles can be purchased as an all-in-one pack for $16.99/£11.99/€13.99/AUD17.99.
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