Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds expands this week

by: Jeremy -
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If you haven’t checked out Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds on the XBLA, you are definitely missing out. The game, which is a spin-off of the yet-to-be-released-reportedly-canceled-for-North-America fighting game Phantom Breaker, scales things back a bit to a retro styled beat’em up. We’re currently working on our review of the base game (and loving it, hint, hint) but wanted to let everyone know that the first DLC pack for the game is now available for the game.

Fans can now download a brand new character in the form of Kurisu Makise from the popular novel “Steins;Gate”. In addition to another playable character, the level cap for characters has been raised from 50 to 99, giving you a lot more ground to cover with the entire cast in terms of leveling.

You can purchase the content from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400MSP.

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