Phantasy Star Universe is still alive and kicking?!?!?

by: Jeremy -
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I guess I never paid it that much attention as I came away from the game less than impressed, but Sega’s Phantasy Star Universe is still up and running. While the PS2 and PC versions have been laid to rest, the Xbox 360 version of the online MMO is still kicking.

Sega has announced a new update for the 360 version of the game which has been labeled as the GUARDIANS Advanced Content. The new update brings a number of tweaks to the game as well as new items, mission,s and character customization items. The update is being release at no additional charge to users and will be applied to their game the next time that they log in.

In addition to the new content, Sega is also reducing the price of the previously released Ambitions of the Illuminus DLC to absolutely nothing. The expansion, which also adds new weapons and missions, was previously listed at 800 Microsoft points but will now be a free download.

Source: Joystiq 

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